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Name:Veronica Mars
Veronica Mars


Veronica Mars is a tiny woman with a disproportionate amount of brain. She's short, and blonde, and has been unkindly called "scrawny" in the past. Also "bitchy" but that's neither here nor there.

The thing you should know is that you shouldn't try to lie to her. Because she'll find out.


When Lilly Kane was murdered, the ripples echoed through the town of Neptune, California. The Mars family was torn apart by it: Veronica's father fired from his position as sheriff, her mother fleeing the shame – and the town. People who had once called themselves friends of Veronica now snubbed her, and at Neptune High she became notorious, called slut and traitor.

So Veronica did what any other daughter of a sheriff-turned-Private Eye who's had her best friend killed would do: she took up the case herself. She became bent on solving the murder, even at great cost. No one was free from suspicion. And in the end, Veronica solved the case, nearly losing her own life in the process.

Life went on. Veronica thought that things could go back to the way they'd been... before. But fate had other plans—plans like sending a bus full of Veronica's classmates over a cliff.

Plans like bringing Veronica to Milliways.


Since coming to Miliways, Veronica has continued through her canon through to its end, more or less as it was shown on television. She has graduated. She's moved away.

One day the door to Milliways stopped appearing, and it didn't reappear for a good long time. Veronica began to consider the bar as a place of dubious reality, and in time, stopped looking for it entirely.

When it finally returned, seven years had passed. Veronica had been through a lot – much of which she still hasn't discussed, even with her closest friends – but she did manage to graduate from the FBI Academy. She is now a fully-qualified agent, working through the early years of her career, with all that that entails.


  1. Veronica constantly wears a necklace she was given by Arithon, which allows her to return to Milliways from (more or less) any other world. The necklace is silver, and designed like a celtic knot in a vague V shape, with a green gem at the point. When appropriate she keeps it tucked under her shirt.

  2. Veronica aged several years while out of the bar. She is now an FBI agent, several months out of the academy on her first field placement. While this is vaguely based on the short 'pilot' that was made for a potential season 4, I'm not following it religiously.

  3. Veronica is currently in her early 30s. The year for her is, vaguely, 201X, on a rough comic-book-like sliding scale, since time doesn't pass for Veronica while she's inside the bar. Whether or not she ages is a question that makes my head hurt to think about. She has a permanent residence in Milliways, described here.


    Veronica-mun can be reached on gmail as mercredy or on AIM as sleighted. Alternately feel free to drop a note on this OOC contact post at any time.
DISCLAIMER – Veronica Mars comes from the television show of the same name. She is the creative property of Rob Thomas and UPN/The WB and so on. Nothing at all to do with me, I'm just playing with her. This journal is for use at the [community profile] milliways_bar RPG.

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